Disintegration Beam

The M43 W/Z Particle Accelerator Weapon System, commonly known simply as the Disintegration Beam, is one of the most powerful weapons ever developed. It works by generating a stream of W and Z bosons, then accelerating them to relativistic speeds. When the particle stream hits any form of matter, it forcibly induces radioactive beta decay, essentially altering the atomic composition of the target – as a result, molecular bonds would also break, leading to the object literally disintegrating.  In addition, the energy released creates a ball of plasma, furthering the damage dealt to the beam’s target.

Originally, the particle generator and accelerator was of enormous size and weight, and it’s power requirements were incredible; as such, it was only viable as a static defense installment on space stations – using it planetside would be impossible due to the atmosphere’s interference. Recent advancements in technology however have allowed it to be used not only on spaceships, but also as a vehicle-mounted turret, and even on some elite superheavy infantry units. Still, despite its incredible power, its previous limitations remain, making it an unreliable as well as dangerous investment, requiring advanced and specialized power armor both to carry it, and to withstand the extreme heat it generates as the beam “blooms” in the atmosphere, generating plasma even in front of the user.

Open Legend

Infantry-scale W/Z Particle Accelerator Weapon System

Close Ranged, Heavy, Bulky, Delayed Ready

Entropy 9

Deadly 3

This weapon can fire only once per combat, and with only one target. All damage dealt by it is lethal damage, and if the target of your attack is hit, their Guard and Toughness are reduced by 2. Also, all creatures within 5 feet of both the origin of the beam and its target take 10 heat damage.


That’s it – I had this particular weapon in mind for quite a while now, and I finally got around to refining it, since I was in a scifi mood. I hope you like it!




The Wizard’s Last Bargain

Today, as promised, a very powerful “item” for spellcasters but one that also has a very serious curse. I say “item” because you could easily attach the effects to one, but it could just as easily be a standalone curse/boon/feature/whatever you want to call it.

Wizard’s Last Bargain

Legendary item, requires attunement.

When you become attuned to this item, you gain a number of charges equal to your spellcasting ability score times twice your level. Whenever you cast a spell, you lose a number of charges equal to the spell’s level. When you run out of charges, you die, and your soul is utterly destroyed – you cannot be resurrected or go to an afterlife. These charges cannot be regained by any means, except a Wish spell (that restores them to full). You cannot break attunement with this item by any means.

However, while attuned, you gain the following benefits:

  • All your spell attack rolls have advantage.
  • Enemies have disadvantage on saving throws to avoid the effects of your spells.
  • When you cast a damaging spell, you may expend an extra number of charges equal to the spell’s level, and choose one of the following:
    • The spell deals maximum damage.
    • The spell ignores enemy damage resistances.


Essentially, this effect represents the fact that you burn your actual soul to fuel and empower your spells, granting great power but slowly killing you. This sort of “curse” could be the result of many things – a bargain with a demon, an attempt to attain lichdom that failed, an ancient artifact that drinks the souls of its user, or even the result of divine meddling. As for escaping it, that’s up to the GMs to decide – killing the demon forever, finding a “counter”-artifact, or gaining enough favor with the gods to save you are a few options.


Ring of Sparks

One more item with spell upgrades, focusing on Witch Bolt (level 1) and Lightning Bolt (level 3).


Ring of Sparks

Wondrous Item (ring), requires attunement, uncommon

While attuned to this item, when you cast Witch Bolt or Lightning Bolt, you may choose one of the following:
– Gain resistance to lightning damage until the beginning of your next turn.
– All enemies within 5 feet of you and your target take 1 lightning damage.
– For each turn beyond the first that you maintain concentration on Witch Bolt, your target takes 1 additional lightning damage from it.
– Creatures that fail their Dexterity saving throw for Lightning Bolt take 10 extra lightning damage at point blank range, reduced by 1 every 10 feet, down to 0 at the edge of the spell’s range.

Imgur Link

Next week – I had an idea for a powerful but cursed item that needs a bit of refinement, so that’s something to expect. Thanks for reading!

Swiftfoot Boots

Continuing with the trend of spell upgrades, this time focusing on some movement spells: Jump, Longstrider, and Expeditious Retreat. All three of them are only first level, and quickly overshadowed by options like Misty Step, Haste, etc, but they still have some functionality – especially for characters like support wizards, or eldritch knights and blade warlocks.

So, here is this week’s item:

Swiftfoot Boots

Wondrous Item (boots), requires attunement, uncommon

While attuned to this item, you gain the following benefits:
– Whenever you cast Jump, the target’s jump distance quadruples instead of tripling.
– Whenever you cast Longstrider, the target’s speed increases by 10 + twice your Dexterity modifier (minimum of 10).
– Whenever you cast Expeditious Retreat, enemies have disadvantage against the spell’s target with attacks of opportunity while the spell persists.
– Whenever you move more than 50 feet on your turn, your AC increases by 1 until you take damage or until the beginning of your next turn.

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I think i’ll continue with this style of items for the foreseeable future – they’re interesting, and I enjoy trying to find unique effects tied to spells. If you want to see a spell in particular, feel free to suggest it and I’ll try to prioritize it.

Thanks for reading and have fun!

Spelljacker’s Garb

Finally truly back, rather than with update posts and excuses. Today’s item, similar to the Doomwhisper Periapt, is a DnD 5e item centered around “upgrading” a spell; this time, Counterspell.

The Spelljacker’s Garb is a robe meant primarily for abjurers, allowing them to take advantage of the residual magic left after countering an enemy spell and use it for themselves.


Spelljacker’s Garb

Wondrous Item (robe), rare(requires attunement)

When you cast Counterspell, it is considered to be cast at one spell level higher than the level of the spell slot expended to cast it. In addition, whenever you succesfully interrupt an enemy spell by using counterspell, you may choose one of the following:
– Until the end of your next turn, you may cast that spell as if you know it.
– You regain hit points equal to the spell’s level plus your Intelligence modifier.
– Until the end of your next turn, your next spell attack has advantage.

Imgur link

Generally, I think Counterspell is an often-overlooked spell, but one I’m always excited to employ. Fireballs may be flashier, but Counterspells are an annoyance and an inconvenience, making them all the sweeter to use.

As always, thank you for reading!

Extra Words #2 – Am I dead?

No. No I am not.

Despite my plan to post even throughout the exams, I managed to completely abandon the blog for an entire month. But I’m back now; I’d say I plan to remain, but we’ve already seen how that usually goes.

This is a transition period for me; with exams finished, I’ve also pretty much finished university as well. The first stage of it at least – while doing my (mandatory in Greece) army service is an option, it’s  not one I’m particularly enthusiastic about. The main question is whether I’ll begin working on a MSc or a PhD, and on what subject. As such, I’ve been busy thinking over a lot of stuff, including the continuation of the blog and further such activities. I’m not stopping – on the contrary, I’m about to pick it up again – but with me already lacking focus on pretty much everything, there’s bound to be a few periods of inactivity when I focus on IRL stuff.

Anyway – while I don’t really have anything else to say, the bottom line is that I’m back again, and I’ll be definitely posting something this week, as well as later on (hopefully).

Also, thank you for reading even a single word that I wrote – it means a lot to me. And don’t be shy to write a comment, even if it is critical – especially in that case! I’d love to read your opinions on anything I’ve written regardless of what they are.

Next post arriving on the 30th – see you then!

Extra Words #1 – End of the summer

Nothing new for today, just a mass of thoughts.

As I mentioned last week, university exams are approaching. This means that I’m quite busy with studying, especially since this might be the last time I have to go through them – just 2 courses to pass and I’ll have my degree. Then a semester of probably doing nothing (meaning I’ll have lots of free time to do something with the blog) and then most likely I will enter the postgraduate program.

Other than that, during the summer I was also cooperating with The Kind GM for something DnD-related we’re looking to release in the DMs Guild. Too early to have something concrete, but we’re getting there. Speaking of, we had released a Rogue archetype called the Saboteur a year ago, so feel free to check that out if you feel like it.

Back to the topic of the blog, I have plenty of ideas that I don’t have the focus/courage/whatever to go for, but I’m hoping that once the exams are done with I’ll be relatively free to experiment – that’s what i was planning for the summer too though, so hopefully it’ll go better this time. I’m definitely planning more Worldbuilding Thoughts and articles in that style, as well as some other things. Besides that, I should also probably be a bit more active on Twitter, besides simply announcing new blog posts.

Moving on to the topic of gaming, I would have definitely liked to play some more – I GM’d a game of Open Legend and played a one-shot adventure in DnD 5e at a local shop, and I was hoping for a few more sessions, but it just didn’t seem to happen. I did play quite a bit of MtG Arena though, which I enjoyed, and I’m also looking forward to Path of Exile’s new Delve league beginning September.

That’s all I have to say today – sure, it was more of a short update than an actual post, but it’s something. I’ll try to see you next week!